Sunday, November 12, 2006



Long time no blog. I just watched the movie Cars with my kids. It was very good for the animated kid-geared-looking-for-marketing-the-golden-ticket kind of movie. Seriously, it was entertaining even if you could read the storyline at least by 5 minutes into the movie.

And, I'm still loving Hinder right now even though they are 5 minutes ago.

I landed a fabulous new position at a local network. I won't say who they are because I don't know what the legalities are about that sort of thing.

I am absolutely loving my job!!! It is the best company and has the best coworkers and work environment in the world! I actually wake up in the morning anxious to get there. You never know what the day will hold. I love it!

I mean, come on peoples, how many of you get to say that you have ever worked at a place where you are greeted with smiles and open arms and filled with praises and entertained by the happy workers that fill up the entire floor of the building? I would hazard a guess and say not many. I am one of the lucky ones I suppose. Goodness knows we all have our fair share of bad luck/circumstances/chance happenings/bad kharma or whatever you want to call it, but I must have some good kharmic energy or good luck or blessings or whatever. The one truism is this..... I am truly thankful.

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