Sunday, November 12, 2006

What are you Thankful for??

In this month of Thanksgiving I hope to hear about what everyone is thankful for.
I am thankful that my entire family and I are alive, well, and breathing and I am thankful that my brothers and sister and their little families are all close by and well. I am thankful that I have such loving parents. I'm thankful that even though I don't get to spend as much time as I want with all of my family, that they all know without a doubt that I love and care about them and they love and care about me. I am thankful for all my friends who are always the best. I am thankful that my children are the most awesome kids on the planet! (By the way, Garrett's 4th grade tackle football team took 2nd place just yesterday!!! woo hoo!! they did an awesome job!!!) Jacob, Matthew, and Garrett: You are the BEST!!! Love you!!
That's it for now. ps. Be thankful for the little things too people.

Be thankful when someone yields in traffic and lets you in with a friendly wave
(someone was in a car crash today)
Be thankful when you and your family have a nice dinner to eat
(someone didn't eat today)
Be thankful you got to shower today
(someone doesn't have running water)
Be thankful you were warm last night
(someone was without heat/power last night)
Be thankful you have a home to go home to
(someone is homeless today)
Be thankful you had peaceful night
(someone was up all night with a sick child)
(someone's house burned down)
Be thankful when your dog barks in the night at every noise in the yard next door
(someone was awakened by burglars in their house)
Be thankful your family is all safe and accounted for
(someone died last night)
Be thankful of the endless ads for political candidates blasted everywhere
(you could live in a country where you don't have a choice)
Be thankful of all the things you normally take for granted
When you become annoyed by something
Think of why you could be thankful for it
Run with that thought!!
All emotions are contagious people!!
If you are thankful and happy and feeling blessed,
It WILL rub off on someone else and you will
pass it on!
Give someone else the insight on HOW to realize that they
are already blessed and should be eternally grateful for being so
Thank YOU for taking the time to read my thoughts and feelings.



Long time no blog. I just watched the movie Cars with my kids. It was very good for the animated kid-geared-looking-for-marketing-the-golden-ticket kind of movie. Seriously, it was entertaining even if you could read the storyline at least by 5 minutes into the movie.

And, I'm still loving Hinder right now even though they are 5 minutes ago.

I landed a fabulous new position at a local network. I won't say who they are because I don't know what the legalities are about that sort of thing.

I am absolutely loving my job!!! It is the best company and has the best coworkers and work environment in the world! I actually wake up in the morning anxious to get there. You never know what the day will hold. I love it!

I mean, come on peoples, how many of you get to say that you have ever worked at a place where you are greeted with smiles and open arms and filled with praises and entertained by the happy workers that fill up the entire floor of the building? I would hazard a guess and say not many. I am one of the lucky ones I suppose. Goodness knows we all have our fair share of bad luck/circumstances/chance happenings/bad kharma or whatever you want to call it, but I must have some good kharmic energy or good luck or blessings or whatever. The one truism is this..... I am truly thankful.