Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Evolution v. Intelligent Design

“Man has ears but hears not. He has eyes, but sees not.”
--King David

In the beginning… there was a single celled creature evolving day by day, year by year, and eon by eon until finally one day out of the wombs of apes man was born. This is not exactly the kind of story most would find enjoyable telling their children when asked, “Mommy, where did I come from?” Is the argument really what version of “truth” we want to teach our own children? Or is it merely that we don’t want the schools, government or anybody else deciding what our children should learn when it comes to controversial issues.

In the 1850s Charles Darwin presented to mankind the Theory of Evolution. An idea is first a hypothesis, or an idea to be tested. The hypothesis is then tested directly. The following questions are posed: Is it possible to have happened once? Is it possible to repeat naturally? Is it possible to manufacture the repetitious result artificially? These questions have been answered sufficiently to prove evolution on many levels does exist. Therefore, the hypothesis questioning evolution is now a theory. Definition of Theory: a logical explanation of phenomenon based in research and is complex. Also, when theories become universally accepted, they become scientific law. However, the unknown still exists. We know evolution can happen. We know human evolution from apes is a scientific possibility. But we do now know what actually happened in the past.

“Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.” -- Angela Monet

Some would say the Theory Creationism/Intelligent Design is the flip side to the theory of evolution. However, this idea is not at this time a theory because it has not been tested. This is not to say that it cannot be tested, it just has not been scientifically tested to date. Intelligent design could be tested eventually. But first other things must be tested to pave the way. First, the metaphysical must be tested and found to be tangible. This can be done by defining the metaphysical as forces of energy which govern themselves as life forms. The energies in the universe do not cease to exist merely because we lack technology to reach them much less measure them. Second, the biblical account of history must be put to the test in its original language. Every statement in genesis regarding the beginning of time must be put under the microscope so to speak. Such as: How much time by today’s standards is a “day”? Can this occur again? (with another planet) Can it be replicated by technology that possibly has not been invented yet? Would things naturally have happened in order chronologically as they are written in the Old Testament? Many things must happen in order for this to come to pass. Science will solve the long lasting debate eventually.

“If a tree falls and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?”—Confucius

What subjects are taught in our schools and who decides what it is our children are taught is the actual burning issue at hand. Appropriate subjects for adults to learn in school are not necessarily appropriate for children/minors in school. As long as the ideas/theories are kept in context with the proper learning environment, the American people do not have cause for worry and uproar. Teachers should be instructed to present Evolution as the theory it is as they define what it means to be labeled a theory. They should present Creationism/Intelligent Design as an idea or concept that an abundant amount of people believe to be true, but at this time has not been theorized much less proven.

In conclusion, the debate between Evolution and Intelligent Design will continue to fester until the scientific powers that be decide to delve into the metaphysical world. Thus creating more short-term controversy and heated debates in every level of society. Without conflict there is no need for change.